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Beautiful chance
A balanced product line designed to support health, beauty and positive vitality.
Health of each individual cell
Each product's formula was developed by leading French scientists, specific features of each organ of the human body and the whole system in general were studied and taken into consideration.

The product line was created using the latest technologies and advancements by a company that is in the TOP-5 European pharmaceutical companies. Compliance with the highest European quality standards is confirmed by certificates.
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Body detox
Bronchi and lungs
Cardiovascular system
Easy fatigability
Female health
Frequent colds
Gall bladder
Health of the genitourinary system
High blood pressure
Improving brain function
Improving digestion
Increased work performance
Joints and bones
Low blood pressure
Low hemoglobin
Protection from stress
Skin, hair and nails
Slowing down the aging process
Strengthening immunity
Strengthening the cardiovascular system
Vision impairment
Сontrol of weight and metabolic improvement
Growth and development of children
  • Kidney stones (D, N not allowed)
  • Gallstones (D not allowed)
  • Increased blood pressure (CH not allowed)
  • Pregnancy (not an issue, but you can't take D)
  • Having transplanted organs in your body (D not allowed)
Junior Hit
Dietary supplement for growth and development of children
Product JN supplement for baby growth
Strengthens the immune system.
Increases mental and physical activity.
Helps to develop strong health.
Health diagnostics
We provide health diagnostics using the ROFES device. It shows the activity index, tests the psychological and emotional state, measures organ workload and determines how well organs function.

ROFES interacts with biologically active MC-7 point located on the left wrist and compares the obtained data to the optimal indicators for a person of a certain age and gender, taking into account corresponding standard performance level.
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Comparison results are displayed on the screen in the form of a five-point scale.
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